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New M.O.T Regulations

Its official, From January 2012 new regulations for M.O.T test stations require SRS (Airbag Lights), DPF and a few more management lights to be working in the correct fashion.


ECU Remapping / tuning

At ProMiles we specialize in ECU remapping and chip tuning for almost any vehicle on the market and offer the best quality tuning at very competitive prices. We work in conjunction with some of the very best tuners in the world and we are always up to date with the many different tuning styles and techniques that are constantly ever changing.

We have extensive knowledge in ECU remapping and chip tuning and the most important thing to us is to make sure that the tuning we do is always done to safe limits, we won't sacrifice the reliability of your engine just to try and squeeze a bit more power out of it, the reliability of your vehicle is our main concern.
We will always create a custom ECU remap that is specifically just for your vehicle, we remap the original tuning software that is in your vehicle, and we don’t put a generic tuning file in your vehicle like a lot of other tuning companies do.

Every vehicle we remap is custom tuned specifically for your needs using the original software in your vehicle, whether you require a performance remap, economy remap or if you just require more bottom end torque to help with towing caravans, we can help you get what you want from the remap, please note that it is important to use the original software from your vehicle as it may have had critical updates when getting serviced at the dealers, if a generic file is used you will lose these updates, some tuning companies don't care about this as it is quicker for them to just install a tuned file straight into your vehicle because they either don't want to spend between 20 minutes to an hour that it takes to custom tune each one or they don't have the skill to tune each vehicle individually

What are the expected gains in power?

This varies from vehicle to vehicle. The most significant gains in BHP and Torque are Turbo based engines. However, between 6 and 20% can be gained from a normally aspirated engine, but again this depends on the vehicle.

Remapping can deliver:

Increased Horsepower
Increased Torque (for towing)
Sharper Throttle Response
Faster Acceleration
Smoother Power Delivery
Eliminate Flat Spots
Improved Fuel Economy,

Call now! We will beat any genuine quote!


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